Focus Training (UK) looks to expand licenced Partnership deals.

Focus Training (UK) Ltd Strengthens Global Presence Through Partnership with iFocus Consult Ltd Nigeria.

Focus Training (UK) Ltd announces the successful completion of a landmark agreement with Nigerian firm, iFocus. This ground breaking partnership signifies a significant step forward in fostering closer collaboration between Focus and Nigeria, further establishing a local independent capability. iFocus will now have access to an extensive wealth of knowledge, encompassing 26 years of Focus material and contacts, as well as receiving invaluable mentoring from Focus’s founder, Mr. Alan Blaney.

With a history of providing exceptional services to law enforcement agencies in Nigeria, Focus Training has consistently delivered successful projects over the years. This new partnership with iFocus is a testament to the company’s commitment to expanding its global reach and sharing its expertise.

Following months of negotiations, this agreement was signed by iFocus CEO, Ms. Rouqayya Ibrahim. Drawing upon her extensive background as a former high-ranking senior officer at the prestigious EFCC (Economic and Financial Crimes Commission), Ms. Ibrahim’s expertise was instrumental in shaping this partnership.

Key highlights of the agreement include:

Access to Expertise: iFocus will gain access, under license, to a wide array of intelligence, investigation, and fraud training courses developed by Focus Training (UK) Ltd over its 26-year history.

Global Network: Through this collaboration, iFocus Consult Ltd will be able to tap into Focus’s extensive contact list, thereby opening doors to opportunities around the world. This global network promises to bring mutual benefits to both organizations and their clients.

Mentorship from Alan Blaney: A unique facet of this agreement is the personal mentoring provided by Mr. Alan Blaney, the founder of Focus Training (UK) Ltd. Mr. Blaney’s mentorship will play a pivotal role in nurturing the talents and potential of iFocus Consult Ltd’s staff, ensuring they reach new heights in their careers.

Despite being a start-up company, iFocus Consult Ltd is already on the cusp of securing numerous high-value projects, both within Nigeria and beyond. This partnership signifies a historic moment for Focus Training (UK) Ltd, as it marks the company’s first-ever collaboration of this magnitude in its 26-year history. It also signals a strategic shift from being solely UK-based to a global enterprise with partners and license holders worldwide. Further potential collaborations are currently under negotiation.

As Focus Training (UK) Ltd and iFocus Consult Ltd embark on this exciting journey, both organisations are committed to delivering excellence, innovation, and unparalleled service to clients across the globe. This partnership heralds a bright future of expanded horizons, fortified capabilities, and remarkable achievements.

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