One Day Courses

Short Skill-Based Courses

Grow your knowledge with our phenomenal range of one-day courses. These tight and concise one-day courses are great for career-oriented people looking to refresh and grow their knowledge while introducing themselves to new, exciting opportunities.

Choose from one of three amazing courses:

Fraud Intelligence – Working with Uncertainty

A one day introductory course to combat fraud. Learn how to use data from whistle blowers, CCTV, social media and staff.

Internet Investigation One Day

A One Day course exploring desk top investigation, due diligence using Internet tools including the Dark Web.

Analysis – Making Sense of Complexity

A One day course. Apply powerful critical thinking techniques to obtain clarity within complex frauds.

Our Three One Day Courses

Our Fraud Intelligence Course is a one-day introductory course on how to combat fraud. You will learn to work with intelligent cycles, develop effective strategies, critically examine data and a whole lot more.

Our second course is an Internet Investigation Course that explores desktop investigation and due diligence using internet tools such as the dark web. You will also learn to protect your company from reverse engineering by fraudsters while also developing an efficient and focused strategy for collecting data. You truly will become a valuable asset to any company.

The final course is all about analysis. It will help you to provide powerful critical thinking techniques to obtain clarity within complex frauds. The overall aim is to provide all the students with the knowledge and tools to combat fraud. You will use critical thinking logically to develop meaning from data, test hypotheses and work closely with the analysis cycle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Short courses are perfect for career oriented individuals who are looking to refresh and add to their knowledge of a particular subject. That is why our one day courses are so beneficial.

No. Our one day courses do not come with a qualification. They're all about learning and refreshing prior knowledge.

An internet investigation is an investigation into individuals and entities conduct online, database and social media.