Fraud Courses With Focus Training

Obtain the knowledge and skills required to effectively combat fraud

Fraud is, unfortunately, something that we are all at great risk of falling victim to. Today everything we do, everything we own and all of our details are stored online. In the year ending March 2019, the crime survey for England and Wales showed an estimated 3.8 million incidents of fraud took place. So we are forever at risk of information being viewed by someone who should not be seeing it.  

It’s especially important for businesses and large corporations to not fall victim to fraudulent activities, as it can have a detrimental impact on them either financially or through the leaking of classified information. This is why it’s so crucial that businesses of all sizes provide their employees with courses that will help them to become more aware and savvy of the dangers that fraud imposes.

Telephone Interview - Fraud Awareness

Conduct effective interviews with customers over the phone to reduce fraud.

Counter Fraud Specialist

The Counter Fraud Specialist is a set of courses which teach a practical foundation skills in fraud prevention.

Presenting Investigation

How to present the findings of an investigation

Frequently asked questions

If a business falls victim to fraudulent activities, it can make customers and clients lose trust in the integrity of the businesses systems.

Fraud can occur in so many different instances, it's frightening. However, the most common types of fraud are:

  • Debit and credit card fraud
  • Internet fraud
  • Mail Fraud
  • Healthcare fraud
  • Bank account takeover fraud

Fraud is lying or deceiving someone to harm them, typically by stealing money. Cybercrime is when scammers use computers, tablets, or the internet to deceive people. As electronic devices become more prevalent in daily life, cybercriminals have more chances to commit crimes.

  1. Be sceptical. ...
  2. Know your business inside out. ...
  3. Know your customers and suppliers. ...
  4. Identify areas where your business is vulnerable to fraud. ...
  5. Develop a strategy and talk about fraud. ...
  6. Take extra care against cyber attacks. ...
  7. Understand your finances. ...
  8. Secure and protect your property.
  9. Develop an action plan
  10. Always report fraud and get help

At Focus, we take pride in our ability to cater to students with varying levels of skills. We are equipped to train individuals with zero experience and elevate them to a proficient level. Similarly, we can also work with seasoned fraud investigators and improve their expertise in specific areas to conduct more efficient investigations.

Public sector fraud and error loss is estimated to be at least £33bn a year. Fraud against the public sector increases the cost of public services and understanding, finding and reducing it is an essential part of government efficiency.