Cyber Security Tips for Seniors

The number of senior citizens using the internet has seen a dramatic increase over the last five years. A study set out by AgeUK showed that the amount of people aged 75 and over that use the internet has nearly doubled in the last five years from 20% to 40%.

With the increasing number of senior citizens using social media and smartphones, ensuring they are fully aware of any potential cyber risks is crucial. Only 32% of seniors recently surveyed admitted to being confident using the internet safely, and 25% of over 75’s claimed that technology makes them feel vulnerable.

Although the amount of seniors using the internet on a daily basis has increased (with online shopping and keeping touch with family abroad being how they spend most time online) they are also prime targets for cyber criminals. Their lack of confidence, awareness and unprotected computers are just some of the reasons why seniors are top targets for cyber criminals.

There are many threats to be aware of; however this infographic highlights the most important ones which can easily be prevented if the necessary steps are taken. Being aware of email scams, and not over sharing information on social media are just some steps seniors can take to help keep them safe online.

Protecting yourself online is hugely important, particularly for those that are more vulnerable which is why we’ve put together this infographic to focus on the key ways in which senior citizens can work to prevent cyber attacks.