Cyber Security Blogs You Need to See

Internet security is a complex field and finding reliable, informative sources of information, tips, and news can be difficult. Especially so considering the plethora of sites attempting to provide this sort of information.

In an effort to help you find the best sources for cyber security, Focus Training, have put together a rundown of our favourite cyber security blogs on the web.

The cyber security landscape is constantly changing and so tips and analysis will of course, always change too, but these blogs are great place to start on your hunt for info.

Let’s jump in.

Wired is one of the biggest publications in tech. Its site pulls in millions and their journalists cover everything from tech culture to its effect on politics. Their category ‘Threat Level’ looks in detail at cyber security, the latest in cyber security tech, and news analysis.

Their hard work to provide original, well curated news pieces makes them a must-visit source when keeping abreast of all things cyber security.

If you are hoping to stay on top of the latest in computer security news, this award winning blog is well worth your time. Featuring content from security experts from around the world, they look at the latest and greatest in software, social media, and consumer privacy.

This ‘research-heavy’ look at cyber security focuses on new vulnerability discoveries, mobile security, the authors views and opinions, and much more.

After falling victim to a cyber attack back in 2001, Brian Krebs, founded Krebs on Security. His background includes writing for the Washington Post covering the ‘security fix blog’ and much more. It was after a Chinese hacking group gained access to his system that he decided to wizen up on all things cyber security.

He’s now a leading voice and authority in the field, making his site well worth visiting.

We couldn’t put together a list of cyber security blogs and not include Schneier on Security. The author, Bruce Schneier, is an internationally renowned security technologist, and his blog reaches over 250,000 people.

His research, analysis, and comment on all things security make the site worth regular visits for anyone looking to learn and stay on top of the latest goings on within the industry.

Regarded as one of the most widely read cyber security news sites on the web, Dark Reading, prides itself on the quality of its content and its high readership numbers. Their regular contributors have a long history working in the field and provide trusted, actionable tips to readers.

Threat Post employ an award-winning editorial team to put together their unique ‘high-impact’ content that covers everything from security news, features, and videos. Regularly referenced as an authoritative voice in the industry by The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and more, you’ll struggle to find a site with more actionable cyber security advice on the web.

SC Media are ‘The Cyber Security Source’ and have ‘lived’ the industry for more than 25 years offering detailed insights and expert guidance to their readers. The in-depth features cover the ever changing landscape of cyber security, and their opinion pieces show insight into the minds that make up the cyber security world.

Bringing together experienced editors, consultants, speakers, and authors, Network Computing, create a forum for discussion. Their regular articles and blog posts confront problems in today’s technical world, looking at cloud computing, mobility, and cyber security.

Troy Hunt is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for Develop Security. If you are looking for a guy in the know when it comes to creating secure applications for the web, he’s your man. His site looks at everything from hints and tips, to some comments on his day to day life with work. If you have a spare half hour, definitely give it a visit.

Help Net Security – Cybersecurity News

Since 1998, Help Net Security, have been focussed on providing information security advice. They help untangle the confusing web of technical security challenges faced by organisations every day. And to top it off, all of their contributors are industry leaders, with hands-on experience.

This award-winning source of computer security news, advice, and opinion is run by Graham Cluley. As a veteran of the computer security industry Graham has given talks the world over, given thousands of media appearances, and now offers up actionable advice from his site.

If you want informed commentary on appsec news and insights, Veracode’s blog is the place to hit. They regularly cover application security, hacking, mobile security, and so much more – all covered in concise, easy to digest formats.

Security Ledger is an independent security news site exploring the intersection of cyber security with business, politics, and everyday life. Their news pieces, opinion articles, and features are regularly read by thousands, making them a must visit for anyone looking out for cyber security related news.

Security Weekly’s mission is to provide free content helping you understand IT security, hacking, modern research, and hit the latest news. As five-time winner of the RSA Social Security Awards Best Security podcast, it isn’t a site you should overlook.

Focussing on information security, Lenny Zeltser writes concise, actionable pieces on a topic he knows and understands well. 

If you are looking for a daily news digest of all the latest goings on in IT Security, the IT Security Guru should be your homepage. Their writers ‘eat, sleep, and breathe IT security’ making all the news, tips, and info they have digestible, interesting, and most importantly, understandable.

Social Engineer aims to act as a free learning resource, providing security through education. Their blog covers topics like appliance hacks, news updates, and much more.

Martin Mckeay took up blogging in an aim to extend his knowledge and test his skills in security. 10 years later and he’s still at it and his blog explores his own ideas and journey.

Ross McRee, the author of Holistic Infosec, runs the Blue Team for Microsoft’s Windows and Devices Group. He has experience talking at some of the biggest industry conferences such as Defcon, Black Hat, and RSA. His blog looks in detail at the technical world of Information Security.

Andrew Hay is an information security industry veteran. His blog is jam packed with cyber security advice, analysis and features. He’s also recently published a piece on ‘what’s in store for cyber security in 2017’ which is worth checking out. 

Lee Munson, authors Security-FAQs offering detailed answers, insights, and reviews on internet security. As a regular contributor to the Sophos Naked Security blog he’s an authoritative voice in his field, with unrivalled knowledge and expertise.

Flying Penguin are a security consultancy. But the work on their website spans many aspects of cyber security and they work hard to provide up-to-date information that can easily be digested.