Investigative Interviewing

Learn the most effective skills to conduct an interview into any internal or external Fraud

About This Course

Investigative Interviewing, utilizing the PEACE Model. The training covers conversation management techniques, methods to challenge inconsistencies, and probing methods to ensure effective planning, topic management, and evidence gathering that meet the highest international standards of evidence.

In addition, the course introduces the Cognitive Interview, a scientifically-proven evidence gathering method that enhances the accuracy of witness statements by up to 50% by focusing on memory and perception. We also offer training on Telephone Interview methods, allowing investigators to conduct compliance interviews remotely over the phone, addressing claims or allegations efficiently.



    Course Aims

    Our course offers delegates the chance to practice conducting interviews, using familiar scenarios, in accordance with the internationally recognized PEACE model. This approach emphasises best practices and ensures the use of the most Human Rights compliant methods of Investigative Interviewing

    Who Should Attend

    Anyone involved in Fraud Investigations either internal fraud or external fraud. Investigators with responsibility to discover the truth from interviews.

    Learning Outcomes

    This course is available to be run privately at your discretion. This course is available to be run privately at your discretion.

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