i2 Analysts' Notebook provides the optimum environment for effective link and timeline analysis. This software is used internationally by Governments and Companies to analyse complex data sets and relationships amongst criminals.

To provide the ability to utilise the wide range of
functionality in i2 Analyst’s Notebook to illustrate and
analyse complex relationships within all types of data
including financial and telecommunications data.

Course Aims

To provide the ability to utilise the wide range of functionality in i2 Analyst’s Notebook version 8 to illustrate and analyse complex relationships within telecommunications data.

Who Should Attend

Analysts, Fraud investigators required to examine large quantities of data to discover associations, links and understand complex relationships.

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply the principles and techniques of the Analyst’s Notebook to manually construct charts illustrating associations, flow of commodities and sequence of events
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how to rearrange charts manually and automatically using several chart layouts
  • Clearly show distinctions in the nature of entities, links and the availability/reliability of information through the use of different styles
  • Utilise advanced features including text and visual searching, user-defined, automatic and analysis attributes and finding paths
  • Design and run Import specifications to automatically chart data from various sources
  • Understand file management principles and functions

What people said about this course

"Another great course delivered by Focus Training. I attended the 3 day Analysts Notebook version 7 courses at their impressive offices in Bromsgrove in April. As a new user to i2 Notebooks I learnt so much and will be able to significantly increase my productivity back at work. The Trainer Greg was very knowledgeable and freiendly. "

Andy , UK Government

"The course is an eye opener for most of the work that I do, the way the presenter worked with us really added to the event, I have learnt so much and will now be able to perform my work with greater confidence and speed, it also highlighted that the Anacapa Science skills are very important. "

Benson , BAT Kenya

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Learn how to best use IBM's i2 analyst's notebook with Focus Training. This course teaches the wide range of functionality on offer from the software

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