Obtain the ability to plan and conduct an effective foot surveillance operation including techniques for bus, train and tube/subway. Learn counter surveillance techniques to ensure your operation remains covert. University of Portsmouth Accredited version available. 10 Level One Credits.

This course commences with a one day classroom based input with the remainder of the course being conducted in the local area with students planning and carrying out foot surveillance. If delivered in local
language an interpreter works alongside the trainers. The use of Role players are used to increase realism.

Course Aims

To provide an opportunity to examine all legislation/best practice that impacts upon covert investigations, develop systems and procedures that are compliant, and practise skills and abilities that are necessary for the conduct of such operations.

Who Should Attend

All personnel whose duties include conducting covert investigation, intelligence or evidence gathering.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate practical ability in covert surveillance.
  • Perform efficiently as part of a covert team.
  • Describe the disciplines and methods of foot surveillance.
  • Describe the methods and techniques of counter surveillance.
  • Plan operations and consider risks and limiting factors.
  • Prepare accurate and precise briefings to colleagues and managers.
  • Operate within Malls and Metro systems.

What people said about this course

"Enjoyed course 100%. I feel my confidence has rocketed in 5 days and now I know I can do foot follows. "

Margaret , Newham Homes

"Excellent course, very good course dynamics. We spent a lot of time getting foot surveillance right, Im amazed how far we came in 5 days "

Filipa , RSM Bentley Jennison

Private Courses

This course is available to be run privately at your discretion.

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