Strategic Intelligence within the fraud and criminal intelligence sector.

Strategic Intelligence represents both a process and a product that, employed effectively, can offer critical benefits in building better organisational systems, in recognizing and responding to risk, and in achieving organisational goals. Acting as both focus and control for other intelligence-related and analytic functions, when properly integrated with decision-making and strategic planning processes, it routinely improves efficiency and effectiveness.

Course Aims

• Identify and explain the key basic elements and understanding necessary to construct successful Strategic Intelligence systems and products

• Explore the risks and benefits associated with Strategic Intelligence applications and their integration with other intelligence and business functions, including Strategic Planning, Decision-Making, Threat Assessment, Information systems, Business activity and operations, and the management of Organisational Risk, Performance, Projects and Transformational Change

Who Should Attend

Personnel in large commercial organisation and those within law enforcement tasked with developing strategic assessments.

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe, understand and apply the key elements necessary to construct and operate successful Strategic Intelligence systems and processes
  • Recognise and integrate Strategic Intelligence options with other key Organisational systems, processes and products
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of related fields, including Organisational Risk, Performance, Project Management, Stakeholder/Threat/Impact Analysis, Transformational Change
  • Understand and describe key elements of:
    o ‘Information’, ‘Intelligence’, and how they differ
    o Data; forms and factorial issues; external/internal Data-gathering, Collation, Evaluation, and Management
    o Individual and Organisational Decision-Making processes and models; Critical/Creative thinking; Logic,
  • Reasoning and Argument; Fallacies, errors, and Cognitive Bias
    o Effective methods for Data Analytics; Modelling and Visualisation
    o Theorisation and Methodology; Hypotheses construction and testing
  • • Employ and apply this understanding to
    o Negotiate clear Terms of Reference for Strategic Intelligence projects and processes, and to
    o Deliver and communicate appropriate and timely Strategic Intelligence Products
    o Identify clear and effective Strategic Intelligence Performance outcomes
    o Review, evaluate, and modify Strategic Intelligence processes and products in the light of environmental/organizational change
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