To equip delegates with the skills and knowledge to produce reports to a court standard and give evidence effectively within a court or tribunal.

Whether preparing a case for internal discipline, industrial tribunal or court, preparation of accurate statements, compiling case papers and confident delivery of evidence are essential. All the hard work of an investigation can be lost if not presented well. Test your skills in cross examination by a top practising Barrister in a mock court scenario.
University of Portsmouth Accredited version available.

Course Aims

To ensure investigators understand the rules of evidence in relation to statements and produce clear and concise statements of evidence, professional case papers and confident testimony.

Who Should Attend

Individuals who prepare evidential statements, case papers, and provide evidence of fact or expert opinion at courts or tribunals.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the process of statement preparation
  • Prepare witness statements to an evidential standard
  • Exhibit knowledge of court files required by the Crown Prosecution Service
  • Understand the respective files required in the light of plea indications
  • Understand disclosure in relation to files and court procedures
  • Exhibit knowledge of the relevant rules and laws of evidence
  • Understand court procedures and etiquette when attending court
  • Practice giving evidence in a mock court
  • Discuss the effect of using notes when giving evidence
  • Appreciate the importance of pre-court preparation
  • Discuss the respective roles of participants in the court process
  • Enable investigators to prepare evidential files effectively to the standards required by the Crown Prosecution Service for all levels of the court system.
  • Enhance the investigators’ understanding of the court system and rules of evidence thus improving their ability to give evidence.
Private Courses

This course is available to be run privately at your discretion.

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