How to present the findings of an investigation

A 2 day course. Weather face to face briefing or writing an investigation report, this course will provide easy to use effective methods acceptable to both the board and legal profession

Course Aims

To provide effective techniques to present findings in writing or verbally.

Who Should Attend

Staff tasked with presenting investigation findings to management, external agencies or regulators

Learning Outcomes

  • At the conclusion of this course the student will be able to:
  • Identify barriers to effective communication
  • Enhance effective communication using a range of techniques
  • Apply International briefing models of SAFCOM and IIMARCHES
  • Write and investigative report
  • Produce an evidential witness statement
  • Correctly exhibit evidence to a legal standard
  • Deliver a face to face briefing to colleagues
Private Courses

This course is available to be run privately at your discretion.

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Presenting evidence, report writing, fraud reporting, Investigation reporting

This two day course teaches how best to present findings of an investigation, whether that's face to face to as part of an investigation report.

Presenting Investigation Findings - Focus Training