A qualification developed to equip nominated Security Manager Specialist with the tools necessary to meet the exacting demands of this role. The course includes a wide range of subjects to develop and enhance your skills and knowledge. A variety of learning, training and assessment strategies are used to meet your needs, ensuring an interactive student centred qualification.

The ALSMS course has been awarded 40 Higher Learning Credits by Portsmouth University and is accredited by the Professional Accreditation Board.

The ALSMS consists of three 3 day modules as set out in our learning outcomes.

Course Aims

To equip nominated Security Manager Specialists with the tools necessary to meet the exacting demands of security within the NHS.

Who Should Attend

Nominated Local Security Manager Specialists within NHS trusts.

Learning Outcomes

  • Module 1
  • During this week, you will be introduced to the facilities available at the Training Centre, each other and your trainers. The legislative and strategic background to security management within the NHS and also the ethical basis underpinning this work will be covered. You will begin to explore crime reduction techniques, principles of deterrence, the investigation cycle and the security of medicines and drugs.
  • During module 1 tasks will be set to be completed on the study days in preparation for work covered on the remaining modules.
  • You will be introduced to some of the core legislation which will have an impact on your future role, including the law relating to theft, burglary and criminal damage. In addition, we will be looking at the handling of evidence, protection of information, counter terrorism and working with the police.
  • Module 2
  • Our examination of core legislation, particularly in respect of criminal offences, continues into module 2 and includes reference to offences involving harassment and assault. You will be exploring issues surrounding lone workers and the preparation of prosecution files. A range of sanctions available to health bodies and the courts will be examined, and opportunities to obtain redress from offenders will be outlined.
  • At the end of this module there will be an opportunity to deliver a presentation on a crime reduction survey.
  • Module 3
  • The final module will enable you to apply some of the techniques covered in previous modules, including interviewing witnesses, preparing witness statements and using negotiation skills.
  • The course will also include a supervised project on a crime reduction survey carried out by you and delivered to colleagues during module two

What people said about this course

"November 2017 An excellent course, highly recommended, one of the most useful aspects was the continual feedback to improve performance. 5 stars awarded over 6 categories."

Andrew, NHS

"November 2017 Great content well delivered. What I found most useful was the feedback given to me on my presentation. This allowed me to rethink some aspects. 5 stars awarded over 6 categories."


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