A 2 day workshop for Local Authority investigators and managers on the application of RIPA and CHIS in their work.

A practical workshop looking at the application of RIPA and the use of CHIS within the local authority environment. Applications for intrusive surveillance and deployment of Covert Human Intelligence Recourses (CHIS) within test purchase scenarios or static observations, this course will guide those required to assess and make applications internally and to Magistrates.

Course Aims

To review the legislation and the practical application of authorities for the use of covert intelligence siources.

Who Should Attend

Those required to apply for authority to use covert intelligence sources whether internally or to Magistrates.

Learning Outcomes

  • • Critically assess current working practices in line with legislation
  • • Assess how to think and act in compliance with the demands of the Act
  • • Identify a best practice approach to investigation procedures
  • • Assess proportionality and collateral intrusion together with comprehensive risk assessments of the investigation and staff
  • • Conduct professional investigations in full cognisance of the legislation
  • • Complete accurate authorisation requests
  • • Define the roles & responsibilities of a ‘handler’ & ‘controller’
  • • Evaluate considerations when dealing with sources of Intelligence
  • • Identify the opportunities for the recruitment of new intelligence sources
  • • Describe the system of authorisation, rewards and other associated management issues
  • • Recognise the use of participating informants and relevant legislation/best practice including public interest immunity hearings.
  • • Demonstrate the use of appropriate tradecraft skills
  • • Apply the knowledge and skills gained to effectively manage issues resulting from CHIS handling.
  • • Comply with equality, diversity and health & safety
Private Courses

This course is available to be run privately at your discretion.

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CHIS, RIPA, Covert Intelligence, Undercover purchase, RIPA authorisation

This workshop looks at applying RIPA and using CHIS within local authority governments. To find out more about the course and its learning outcomes visit us today

Local Authority RIPA and CHIS Workshop - Focus Training