Learn the most effective skills to conduct an interview into any internal or external Fraud

This course draws upon the most respected methods of conversation management to ensure that all aspects of planning, topic management, challenges and evidence gathering are effectively used. University of Portsmouth Accredited version available. 10 Level One Credits.

Discover the Cognitive interview (memory and perception) evidence gathering method. Scientifically proven to increase the accuracy of witnesses by up to 50%.

Telephone Interview methods enabling you to conduct interviews into the compliance of a claim or allegation over the phone.

4 day University Accredited version available with 10 credits.

Course Aims

To provide an opportunity for delegates to conduct interviews, using familiar interview situations, to a nationally recognised model that develops best practice and communication skills.

Who Should Attend

Anyone involved in Fraud Investigations either internal fraud or external fraud. Investigators with responsibility to discover the truth from interviews.

Learning Outcomes

  • Research and prepare for a thorough interview
  • Understand and apply the effective use of open and closed questions
  • Describe the components of good communication skills
  • Be fully conversant with local codes of practice in relation to interview procedures
  • Conduct interviews to the highest ethical standards
  • Identify and develop best working practices
  • Manage disclosure of information prior to
  • Work within local legislative requirements
  • Confidently managing critical incidents during interviews
  • Apply both Conversation Management and Cognitive methods of interviewing
  • Demonstrate handling documentary and physical exhibits during interviews
  • Support witnesses when attending Courts or Tribunals
  • Describe the processes of information elicitation techniques

What people said about this course

"Nigerian Economic and Financial Crime Commission EFCC Investigative Interview Training. March 2019 This course is almost the best course ever. It is an eye opener for investigative interviewing and evidence gathering, which will lead to prosecution and a successful conviction. It is a very important course for all law enforcement agents. Thank you Alan Blaney and Dan Fairfield."

Student F, EFCC

"This course gave me insight in the thinking of customers and how they (and I) could react on different questions. It is not easy to interview customers by phone, therefore I need to ask the right questions. The 5 W’s and the PEACE model are a great support."

Hanne, Isabel Belgium

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Learn the most effective skills to conduct an interview into any internal or external Fraud. For more information regarding this course, visit us here

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