Work effectively with intelligence gathered within fraud and criminal investigations

Learn to effectively handle and evaluate intelligence from any source, human, technical, signal, imageā€¦. Become proficient in the use of the Intelligence cycle; Direction, Collection, Evaluation, Analysis, Dissemination.

Course Aims

To provide an understanding of the Intelligence Cycle and its application within the clients intelligence arena.

Who Should Attend

All personnel involved in fraud and investigation who are required to set investigation strategies, collection plans, evaluation of intelligence using international standards evaluation, analysis and dissemination.

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe and apply the a National Intelligence Model (NIM)
  • Work with an international Intelligence Cycle
  • Identify and design strategies for dealing with crime/fraud
  • Develop collection planning principles and avoid common errors
  • Identify the relationship between Human Rights and Data Protection in the intelligence arena
  • Describe and apply effective intelligence evaluation using the UK standard 5X5X5 system
  • Understand analytical methods to develop association matrices and charts
  • Prepare and deliver clear and accurate briefings using internationally recognised models
  • Understand effective intelligence systems within an organisation

What people said about this course

"I like the evaluation method, 5X5X5 and the intelligence strategies given. This course makes you challenge the old ways of thinking. "

Vadimir April 2012 , Romanian Government

" I found the lessons on Risk and the Intelligence cycle most useful, it put into focus what I have been trying to do but with no real system. I can now approach my work with much more confidence. The fact that these techniques are international gives me the confidence to use them. "

Khalifa , Dubai Police

Private Courses

This course is available to be run privately at your discretion.

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