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The internationally recognised Criminal Analysis technique, is licensed to Focus exclusively within Europe, we offer genuine Anacapa Certification. Our Criminal Intelligence Analysis course covers every technique an intelligence analysts or fraud analysts will need to effectively work with all types of intelligence gathered during fraud investigations and major crime.

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Course Aims

To develop internationally recognised standards and methods for fraud investigation and the analysis of large amounts of information from a wide variety of sources using Anacapa Sciences concepts of research to predict the future by inference development.

Who Should Attend

All intelligence analysts from Commercial or Law enforcement fields including Fraud Investigators dealing with complex cases of internal or external fraud.

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe and apply the internationally recognised intelligence cycle
  • Describe the techniques of data collection and evaluation
  • Describe the components of the analytical process
  • Develop association matrices
  • Identify and target intelligence gaps
  • Construct charts of their analysis on any identified subject
  • Distinguish between inductive and deductive logic
  • Apply inductive logic to analysis
  • Identify the components of critical thinking
  • Apply case charting techniques
  • Conduct Concealed Income Analysis
  • Apply comparative case analysis techniques
  • Develop inferences from analysis
  • Deliver clear and accurate briefings

What people said about this course

"A course that focused on the ways to connect individuals and teams, in line with Joint Investigation Teams approach. An international standard course. April 2014 "

Jana , Slovakia National Crime Agency

"A Great introduction to a suite of analytical techniques which will enable me to apply different strategies to deal with a range of issues. Nov 2013 "

Edward , Redbridge Council

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This course is available to be run privately at your discretion.

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This course covers all the techniques and tricks analysts need to uncover fraud and work effectively with intelligence. Find out more

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