A practical introduction to cyber security for non-technical staff to demonstrate the damage that hackers can do to your data and computer systems.

The course will include 5 hours distance learning and self-assessment of cyber-risk pre course. The one day classroom event will cover several short interactive assignments and conclude with a short test. This course also awards 2 QCF Credits through the awarding body IQ (Industry Qualifications) and 15 hours CPD.

Course Aims

The aim of this course is to introduce the average person in business to the issues surrounding Cyber Crime and Cyber Security.

Who Should Attend

The course is primarily aimed at the Professional Services sector including Solicitors, Accountants, Consultants, Business Coaches, and other professionals such as business owners, shareholders, non-executive directors, public sector and local authority personnel. However, any professional who may hold sensitive documentation or information about people, businesses or organisations will find this training day not just incredibly useful, but instrumental in protecting themselves and their organisations from the very real threat of Cyber attacks.

Learning Outcomes

  • At the conclusion of this course the delegate will be able to:
  • Describe Cyber Crime & Cyber Warfare
  • Relate a brief history of the issue
  • Describe Information and knowledge sharing best practices
  • Outline the top 10 (or more) cyber attack methods
  • Explain what encryption means, and how to easily use it day-to-day
  • Discuss the meanings of ‘malicious code’ and ‘SQL injection’ and ‘brute force attack’
  • Share best practices within a professional peer environment
  • Produce an action plan that can be worked on further back in their business or organisation
  • Be more ‘cyber savvy’ and confident with IT, email and the Internet
  • Pass on their improved ‘cyber hygiene’ practices and knowledge to their team members

What people said about this course

"This course has given me more confidence when I am engaging with IT security staff. It also gave me practical advice and help on how to protect our business. "

Rob , Leading UK Security Company

"This was a good course for me as I have little IT knowledge. It gave me practical ideas on how to implement the learning back in the work place. "

Helen Worcester , Solicitor

Private Courses

This course is available to be run privately at your discretion.

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The course is designed as a practical introduction to cyber security for all non-technical staff, demonstrating the damage hackers can inflict

IQ Level 2 Principles in Cyber Crime - Focus Training