A course designed to equip investigators from the commercial sectors to effectively Investigate wrong doing.

To provide delegates with the opportunity to examine current legislation, Fraud Act, Bribery Act etc..and use case studies to develop rigorous and ethical approaches to successful investigation and resolution.

Course Aims

To give security, HR and management the confidence to conduct an investigation effectively and ethically.

Who Should Attend

Anyone involved in Investigation, HR and personnel professionals, line-managers, supervisors, heads of department, Monitoring Officers, Company Secretaries, employee representatives and legal practitioners.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the need to investigate an issue
  • Develop an initial plan of action on discovery of a crime
  • Select most appropriate elements of the Urgent Action Menu
  • Establish the Points to Prove around the issue
  • Use a tactical menu to decide the most appropriate strategy
  • Distinguish between an Incident and a Crisis and apply appropriate response
  • Risk Assess the situation and apply reduction treatments
  • Set effective Actions for staff, both Covert (Informants/CHIS) and Overt (Enquiries)
  • Distinguish between Evidence and Intelligence
  • Put in place an effective Intelligence Gathering Strategy
  • Evaluate, in-line with European standards, all data collected by Intelligence strategy
  • Plan an effective search for Evidence
  • Use a Decision Log
  • Plan and prepare a Briefing
  • Comply with basic Forensic Standards
  • Conduct an effective search and seize evidence without contamination
  • Analyse, using basic Anacapa techniques, Links within the criminal network
  • Plan an Arrest and Interview strategy
  • Prepare an Interview strategy
  • Produce an Evidential File
  • Comply with Human Rights legislation throughout the investigation
  • Appropriately deal with Data Protection issues
  • Consider Disclosure issues as apply locally

What people said about this course

"The most useful part for me was the statement writing and practical excrsices in interviewing witnesses and suspects. "

Harrington , Legal Services UK

"Excellent course, it really galvanised us. It helped fill in the blanks and we will produce a more powerful framework as a result of it. "

Anthony Feb 2013 , Prospects Employment Service

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This course has been designed to provide delegates with an opportunity to examine current legislation regarding the Fraud Act and more.

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