Course Aims

A course designed to equip investigators from law enforcement and commercial sectors with the knowledge of international regulations and standards and the methods used by Organised Crime Groups to launder money and finance their enterprises.

Who Should Attend

Compliance officers and investigators engaged in financial aspects of investigations.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the local law surrounding financial crime and money laundering
  • Differentiate between Intelligence and Evidence
  • Choose appropriate investigative strategies
  • Evaluate intelligence
  • Discuss money laundering techniques both traditional and emerging
  • Describe regulations produced by EU, IMF, UNODC, FATF, JMLSG, APGML and Transparency International etc.
  • Identify commercial and investigative risks surrounding regulations
  • Conduct a Concealed Income Analysis
  • Describe New Payment Methods and how they are used in financial crime
  • Contrast Hawala banking against Crypto currency products
  • Prepare and deliver a structured Intelligence briefing to managers

What people said about this course

"November 2019 I learnt a lot from this course which I did not know before. The cyber elements were all new to me."

Elizabeth, Forest Authority Papua New Guinea

"November 2019 This course was useful to me, it gave me a good insight into the international regulations and compliance. I also liked the concealed income investigation technique."

Mohammed, Malaysia Forest Departement

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