This course is designed for those tasked with the management of serious and/or complex investigations. The training provides delegates with the necessary skills to deal with strategic issues and policy, make better critical decisions ensure that all aspects of their enquiry are dealt with in an ethical and legal way, understand the need and use of policy books and effectively deal with the press. The result is an investigation which will satisfy any court standard.

Course Aims

To provide the opportunity to examine all current legislation impacting upon the area of investigation and developing understanding of the investigative function through the various activities to the preparation of case papers and the presentation of evidence.

Who Should Attend

All managers who supervise investigative functions that rely upon covert and overt methods of gathering intelligence or evidence that may lead to the institution of Court prosecutions, discipline proceedings or Tribunal hearings.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate critical thinking and strategic planning.
  • Effectively and efficiently manage overt or covert investigations in full cognisance of the relevant legislation.
  • Develop accountable and auditable systems
  • Understand and implement intelligence-gathering strategies.
  • Demonstrate briefing and de-briefing skills.
  • Task analysts and investigators in line with set objectives.
  • Identify and define job descriptions of all personnel.
  • Define performance indicators of the function delegated.
  • Effectively manage staff development interviews.
  • Understand the need for concise and accurate report writing standards.
Private Courses

This course is available to be run privately at your discretion.

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This complex investigation management course helps those tasked with management of complex investigations navigate strategic issues, policy, and more.

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