The Accredited Counter Fraud Specialist (ACFS) qualification is a UK qualification from Portsmouth University which teaches a practical foundation course in fraud prevention.

The qualification comprises four academic modules which are delivered with a blend of distance learning, web based exam and class based learning. Each module is delivered in class over 4 days (16 Total) over 12 months.
Successful completion of all four modules leads to the ACFS professional qualification and the award of 40 academic credits which can contribute towards obtaining a higher education Diploma and the Advanced Level Certified Counter Fraud Specialist (CCFS) professional qualification. This, in turn, can lead to Degree and Masters level qualifications

Course Aims

Delivered over four modules of 4 days each this qualification will teach the fundamentals of fraud investigation and prevention.

Modules cover:
1. Criminal Procedures and Investigations
2. Intelligence Analysis
3. Investigative Interview Techniques
4. Statement Writing Case Paper Preparation and Court Skills

Who Should Attend

• Fraud Investigators
• Fraud Managers
• Risk Managers
• Internal Auditors
• Insurance Officers
• Professional Standards staff
• Human Resources personnel
• Senior finance staff
• Compliance Officers

Learning Outcomes

  • See Attached documents under Course Media

What people said about this course

"October 2017 For me the most useful aspect was the presentation of my evidence at court and the need to understand evidence continuity."

Craig, Sandwell Council

"October 2017 Court skills. The writing of an evidential statement was very useful and giving evidence in a mock court was great experience."

Satbinder, Sandwell Council

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