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Intelligence Courses

Gathering, using and analysing criminal and corporate intelligence

Free online intelligence and critical thinking training, to get you fully equipped and trained before enrolling on one of our intelligence training courses.

Courses Available

Accessing Communications Data (Intelligence & Investigation)

A course for law enforcement officers working with Communications Data during major investigations.

Advanced Excel for Analysts

Advanced Excel techniques for Intelligence Analysts and those needing to manipulate complex data sets using Microsoft Excel.

IQ Level 2. Anacapa Fraud and Security Intelligence Analysis

A 4 day course accredited with IQ at level 2 (Industry Qualifications) a specialist course providing intelligence agency methods adapted to combat fraud and security issues.

IQ Accredited Level 3 Certificate in Anacapa Sciences Criminal Intelligence Analysis

Anacapa Science Criminal Intelligence Analysis. Anacapa Sciences™, the internationally recognised Criminal Analysis technique, is licensed to Focus exclusively within Europe, we offer genuine Anacapa Certification. Our Criminal Intelligence Analysis course covers every technique an intelligence analysts or fraud analysts will need to effectively work with all types of intelligence gathered during fraud investigations and major crime.

Certification available: Anacapa Qualification and Certified Instructors: Go to: Anacapa Authorised Instructors Part of Portsmouth University ACFS Qualification : Portsmouth University ACFS Site

Critical Thinking

Understand basic Critical Thinking elements. This course will better equip those who need to make decisions, those who analyse data and those who need to construct sound arguments.

i2 Analysts' Notebook

i2 Analysts' Notebook provides the optimum environment for effective link and timeline analysis. This software is used internationally by Governments and Companies to analyse complex data sets and relationships amongst criminals.

Intelligence Development

Work effectively with intelligence gathered within fraud and criminal investigations

Intelligence Management

Designed to equip managers with the knowledge and skill to effective management of Intelligence operations. This course gives a high level overview of the intelligence operatives capabilities and how best to deploy them.

Surveillance Techniques (Covert Foot Surveillance)

Obtain the ability to plan and conduct an effective foot surveillance operation including techniques for bus, train and tube/subway. Learn counter surveillance techniques to ensure your operation remains covert. University of Portsmouth Accredited version available. 10 Level One Credits.

Analysing Cell Site Data

To understand and interpret the analysis of Cell Site Data for use in investigations. The course will provide an understanding of the process of obtaining cell site data and how analysis translates this into vital information for use by Operational Officers and Senior Investigating Officers.

HUMINT Training

Dealing with Human Intelligence (HUMINT) is a specialist skill requiring a mix of many intelligence disciplines. This course equips the delegates with the required skill to deal with HUMINT effectively in the field.

Strategic Intelligence

Strategic Intelligence within the fraud and criminal intelligence sector.

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