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As UK businesses experience constant increases in fraud, theft and criminal activity, isn’t it time you protected your assets with effective fraud awareness training and investigation training solutions from Focus Training (UK) Ltd. We offer a comprehensive range of training and solutions that includes fraud prevention and detection, as well as teaching the skills needed to source and analyse intelligence effectively, resulting in solid outcomes and the ability to increase security in areas shown to be lacking.

Since our foundation in 1997, Focus Training has quickly risen to become one of the UK’s leading providers of Investigation and Fraud Courses, with clients that include government departments and multi-national corporations operating in over a hundred different countries. With the help of our carefully vetted and highly-trained staff you’ll be able to manage your own fraud and security issues swiftly and discreetly.

Fraud can occur in any organisation and we work with businesses large and small to resolve cases where fraud has had a significant impact - often resulting in reduced profitability and productivity as well as having a negative effect on staff morale. Whether fraud is taking place internally or being effected by an external source, with appropriate training you’ll be able to prevent, detect and resolve potentially harmful incidents and put effective fraud prevention procedures in place as you move forward.

Spend a little time browsing our site and you’ll see an extensive selection of investigation courses, plus intelligence analysis training that gives you the tools to respond to threats before they take place. As you learn gathering and analysis techniques for both criminal and corporate intelligence, you can work towards an environment where a swift response can be actioned against any potentially damaging activity.

Book one of our Intelligence, Investigation or Fraud Courses online now, or visit our Contact page to speak to one of our advisors, they’ll be happy to provide any additional information you need.

Intelligence Analysis
Gathering, using and analysing criminal and
corporate intelligence.
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Investigation Skills
Proven methods for effective investigation.

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Obtain the knowledge and skills required to effectively combat fraud.
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Telecoms Fraud
Certified Telecommunications Fraud Specialist,
the Global Qualification for Mobile Operators.
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Open Source Intelligence
Gather intelligence, investigate, trace, securely, ethically and legally using the internet. click here
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