Fraud, Investigation and Analysis Training

The UK’s Leading Providers of Investigation and Fraud Training Courses & Solutions

UK businesses are open to a variety of risks, chief of which are fraud, theft, and criminal activity.

Protect your assets with effective fraud awareness training and investigation training solutions from Focus Training (UK) Ltd.

Our comprehensive range of training and solutions include fraud prevention & detection, as well as the teaching of skills to source and analyse intelligence effectively. These courses result in business owners being able to increase their own security measures in areas which have been established as lacking. Some of our clients include government departments and multi-national corporations across hundreds of companies, which is a testament to the effectiveness of all of our courses.

Since our foundation in 1997, we have risen to become one of the UK’s leading providers of such courses. Fraud, theft, and criminal activity can occur in any organisation, and we work with businesses both large and small to resolve cases that have had a significant negative impact on business.

The extensive range of courses available are designed to give you the tools to respond to threats before they take place. Book one of our intelligence, investigation, or fraud courses online now or head over to our contact page to speak to one of our advisors directly.